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High Quality Custom Crafted Kitchen and Bath Remodels

Kitchen and bathroom design and remodeling are in our blood.

S&S Kitchen & Bath Associates is a family business that builds on the legacy and tradition of quality woodworking and craftsmanship passed down through the generations. Inspired at an early age by his father the company’s owner and founder started on his career path with ABC Kitchens. Eventually he ventured out on his own and S&S was founded in 1981. Located in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, the business grew to include his son who joined the company full-time in 1991, carrying on the tradition of fine tuned hand crafting.

Ever expanding the business grew into the nearby areas such as Lansdale and Royersford, garnering a name for the company synonymous with expertise and integrity. S&S cemented its family roots in 1996, when the owner’s daughter joined the company to specialize in designing the breathtaking kitchens and bathrooms S&S is famous for crafting.

Cabinets, Countertops, Kitchens and Baths

S&S is all about carrying on the legacy of well built and beautiful kitchens and bathrooms. The family name instills visions of well made kitchen cabinets, sleek and elegant countertops, and fully realized dream kitchens turned into valuable home value boosting additions and refurbishments.

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S&S Kitchen & Bath Associates, Inc.

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