June 22, 2007

Dear Miriam and Lamar,

Enclosed is my final payment for your renovation of my grubby old, 1950’s kitchen. I cannot thank you enough for your patience and professionalism. The installation was exceptionally well carried out.

Design– You anticipated my needs and made recommendations about things that I would never have thought of. The final design resulted in a delightfully functional, attractive workspace.

Quality of Materials– you steered me in the direction of exceptionally well-built, semicustom cabinets that were clearly superior to those that were recommended by other companies at a comparable cost. The hardware and lighting that you suggested contribute to classy, modern look.

Installation– My early bouts of fretfulness, based on prior bad experiences with other contractors, quickly dissolved when I observed your perfectionism. Your commitment to doing things right is evident in everything that you do. Every aspect of the installation was as perfect as could be achieved in an old (imperfect) house.

Professionalism– You are remarkably ethical, reliable people. I particularly appreciate how patient, kind and loyal you were from beginning to end. There was no diminished interest on your part after the contract was signed and the deal secured, as I have experienced with other large project contractors.

Cost– Kitchen renovation is not cheap, but I don’t begrudge a single cent of what I paid to S & S. You gave me so much in return for my money! Any one of your competitors would surely have charged me more and given me less.

Visitors to my home are very impressed with your work!

I hope to contact you for bathroom renovation next year and will certainly recommend S & S Kitchen and Bath Associates to anyone in need.


Gail E.

Gail Testimonial S&S First Contract Kitchen and Bath